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About Roger Mac

Roger is a contributing photographer, content producer, tour leader and coach.
Founder of Destinations of Wonder, a project dedicated to responsible travel and conservation.

I’m Rogerio Macieira aka “Roger Mac” (it’s just easier to pronounce in most languages), and I’m the voice behind Destinations of Wonder.
I’m a former Marketer who turned to content production because of my huge passions for photography, nature and travel, and using them towards something good.

I was born in the Kingdom of Swaziland, surrounded by nature, wildlife, adventure on a daily basis. I grew up around cameras because my father was a photographer, and looking back, it was probably the blend of all of these influences that awoke in me the incessant need to explore, to see, and to create.
I left Southern Africa in my mid 20s, and since then have lived in various countries including the UK, South Africa and Brazil, and now I’ve created a base to work from in Sintra, Portugal.

Though I never stay in one place for very long, Portugal has been quite a fine place to rest in between travels.

Roger Mac - Destinations of Wonder
Roger Mac, creator of Destinations of Wonder
Rogermac Freedive - Sesimbra, Portugal
Roger Mac Freediving in Sesimbra, Portugal 2019

A Story Teller

There’s always been travel and photography in my life, and in one way or the other there’s also been story telling. I grew up around campfires and tales on the African plateaus, and in adventuring into the wild to create my own stories. And now I enjoy the impression that my pictures and rapport make on other people, because I try to keep my imagery as true as possible to an experience. On the field, I go one step further to get a good composition – sometimes flying over, or diving under, which sometimes requires special training in order to pull it off. Some of the pictures alone have great stories behind their making-of.
I always pay attention to technique and authenticity to get quality, rather than use someone else’s Lightroom presets and portray the boring resort lifestyle.

In the beginning, the idea behind Destinations of Wonder was to create a cool way to keep friends and family updated about adventures, but it got bigger than that because people started to reach out and ask questions about responsible travel, tips for locations, and even advice for photography.

So in the hope to create some really memorable moments in people’s lives by inspiring them to take that step, to discover, and to conserve, I created Destinations of Wonder, a never ending journal to broaden views of the world, to lend a helping hand wherever I can, and to tackle the world’s biggest issues.

A good journey changes you.
If it doesn’t, then it wasn’t a journey at all…

Growing up traveling has taught me that truth always comes on the other side of experience, and that experience requires vulnerability, openness, respect and humanity. Combining these are an excellent recipe for personal development and seeing true beauty in the world.

I wish everyone could see the world for it’s fragile beauty, and become aware of the great responsibility it is to be a human being taking care of IT for a change.

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