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Destinations of Wonder

World travel adventures of Roger Mac. Full-time photographer and designer pursuing his passion for responsible travel and conservation.

Welcome to Destinations of Wonder, a responsible travel and lifestyle blog inspired by an open planet.

It’s a unique project which sets itself apart from other travel blogs because everything is kept as true to the real experience as possible. It’s about keeping eyes wide open to the reality that lies underneath the surface, and admiring the beauty of the world, whilst at the same time acknowledging the sadness that oftentimes hides behind it.

From stories about adventure travel and eco-friendly lifestyle, to conservation and photography, this website is a great place to get information and inspiration to help you on your journeys, and to participate in creating the change that our planet so desperately needs.

Destinations of Wonder is all about journeying a planet which is open to those who dare to explore in wonder, to question barriers, borders, inequality and intolerance.

Roger Mac - Destinations of Wonder
Roger Mac, creator of Destinations of Wonder

Why Travel

Travelling is a great way to connect with like-minded people who want to tackle the world’s biggest issues together. It helps build courage to try things for the first time on a global scale, to challenge yourself to fight the urge to rely on routine and pre-acquired knowledge and let curiosity lead the way to new experiences.

It keeps the sense of wonder alive, which can be used as a force to do good, to take down borders and barriers, and to unite people. It’s when we’re in awe that we care the most, fall in love, and acquire an open minded view of the world.


Attitude is Contagious

In creating this project my intention has always been to inspire others to be authentic and to create quality memorable experiences, over meaningless Instagrammed moments.

Creating content for Destinations of Wonder requires going one step further to capture the original and raw beauty of the world in a way that creates awe, without the use of filters and presets. It requires paying very close attention to technique and quality in a way that conveys a positive message and is useful.

I couldn’t be more excited to finally share some of my greatest experiences with you, and I truly hope that I can inspire you to create awesome experiences of your own.

A good journey changes you.
If it doesn’t, then it wasn’t a journey at all…

Storytelling through Imagery

About Roger Mac

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